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"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment." Matthew 22:37-40 (NIV)
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Mark’s Gospel: News of the Hour (Mar.)

Sermon Series

The Gospel of Mark is the earliest of the four Gospels. It was written while many of the people who were involved in the events were still alive.

Feb. 3rd Mark 1:1-15
1. The time had come.

Feb. 10th Mark 2:1-12
2. The unexpected Jesus.

Feb. 17th Mark 4:1-20
3. Are you receptive to God?

Feb. 24th Mark 6:30-44
4. A Shepard for the sheep.

Mar. 3rd Mark 7:1-23
5. The problem is our heart.

Mar. 10th Mark 10:17-31
6. How to be part of the good life.

Mar. 17th Mark 11:27-12:12
7. A question of authority.

Mar. 24th AGM Sunday
One service Sunday

Mar. 31st Mark 13:1-23
8. When will these things happen.

Apr. 7th Mark 14:1-11
9. Something beautiful from God.

Apr. 14th Palm Sunday

Apr. 19th Good Friday

Apr. 21st Easter, Mark 15:40-16:8
10. He has risen.

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