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Weddings at All Saints

Feel free to contact Pam, Betty or Penny weekdays (except Tuesday) at the office during office hours if you have any questions about weddings. (02) 9630 1567  / 

We would like to make your marriage service meaningful, memorable and enjoyable.

The All Saints' Anglican weddings ministers are Rev. Owen Goddard and Canon Colin Aiken.

We are also very happy to allow other Christian ministers to take wedding services in the church, if you would like to have a particular minister who is a registered marriage celebrant.




Although weddings are normally held on a Saturday, other arrangements can be made, for example Fridays, other week days or Sunday afternoons. Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon services are very popular. We hold weddings at 10:30am, 1:00pm, 3:30 pm most Saturdays, Friday and Sunday afternoons, but can also accommodate other times & days if required. NB: Sunday weddings are from 2:30pm, with latest being 4:00pm.

You can make a tentative booking, through the office, which will be held for a month and assures you are given priority. A deposit of $500 will secure your booking.

Arrange a site visit

Available Monday, Wednesday-Friday 9:30am-3:00pm. The secretaries will show you around the Church and premises and talk to you about our wedding packages. You can also visit any of our Sunday Services held at 8:00am, 10:00am and 6:30pm.




An All Saints Music Coordinator can help you coordinate the music for your Wedding Service. You can discuss what music you would like to have in your service. Perhaps a music group or soloist you would like to have, or the music you would like to enter and exit the church by, or organise the use of CD's, songs or hymns.

The Music Coordinator can arrange for you as a couple to view a wedding from the organ loft to discuss your choice of music. Please contact the office on (02) 9630 1567 at least 3 months before your wedding or as soon as possible, to determine your Music Coordinator and get organised.

The Pipe Organ

The pipe organ is located in the western gallery of the church building. Built by the English firm of Hill Norman and Beard in 1966, there are 1,655 pipes, runs on 415 volts and draws up to 60 amps. The organ is used to lead a congregation in hymns and songs, and also to support a band - so becoming a "band instrument". It is capable of playing contemporary and traditional music beautifully. Organs have led Christian songs in churches for more than 1,000 years.

A detailed description of our organ can be found at the Organ Music Society of Sydney's website

Go to Sights and Sounds for video clips of our organ playing.


Each week 7 vases of flowers are arranged (2 for each of the 3 communion tables & one main arrangement). These flowers are usually prepared on Fridays.

Anyone wishing to discuss flower arrangements or supply extra flowers should contact the office to be put in touch with the Flower Coordinator.


To have the bells rung at your wedding please book them through the church office (9630 1567). They must be booked and paid for at least one month before your wedding. The Bells are live and need at least 5 and usually more people to play them

Pew Bows

A pew bow will be placed on every 2nd pew from the front of the church. We have a number of types, including: long satin, short organza with a dark blue center and long organza. Contact the office if you want to choose which bow is placed in the aisle for you or if you want your own pew bows. (There are 42 pew ends down the aisle)

Service Sheets

We do not provide service sheets but can email soft copies of the complete service and outlines so that you can construct your own service sheets. Some couples print most of the service, while others only give an outline of the services. Songs or hymns and Bible readings can also be printed in them. Please email a copy of your service booklet to the minister taking your wedding, for them to check, before you print them off.

Bible Readings

One or two Bible readings are to be read in your service. You may choose someone to read it for you, or the minister can. Soft copies can be emailed to you of the most common passages used, which many couples include in their wedding service sheets.


If you are thinking of serving refreshments after your service you need to book them through the office when you are booking your wedding service. There is a cost involved and you will need to pay a bond.

If you were to require an extended period of time for your refreshments, that might preclude a wedding being booked after your wedding, there is an additional cost.


The rehearsal gives an opportunity to briefly run through the wedding service, and should only last for about 20 minutes.

Couples being married by Rev. Owen Goddard can arrange rehearsals for Friday night a week before the marriage. Those being married by Canon Colin Aiken are often on Thursday nights. Please ring the office to arrange the rehearsal. 

At your rehearsal, bring the bridal party and whoever is giving the bride away - so you all know what to do on the day. Please bring a copy of your service sheet to the rehearsal.

For weddings conducted by Non-All Saints’ Ministers opening the church for a wedding rehearsal is organised by ringing the office. We suggest a week night at 7.15pm., or any mutually suitable time.

We ask that your minister meet with the representative from All Saints’ who opens the church. The minister will be asked to lock the church and turn off the lights at the end of your rehearsal.

We encourage marriage groups to limit their rehearsal time to 30 minutes. If more time is required please inform the office.

All Saints’ Sunday Services

We encourage couples to attend any of our Sunday Services, at 8am (traditional), 10am (family) and 7pm (informal). This enables you to get to know the All Saints’ minister who will be marrying you and helps create a stronger bond with the church you will be married in. (Please ring the office to check which Sunday Services the minister marrying you will be attending.)

On the Day

The church will be opened an hour before your wedding. We ask brides to be on time or early for photos as they enter the church.

Canon Colin Aiken & Rev. Owen Goddard look forward to meeting you at our orientation nights, which are held on 3 consecutive Mondays four times a year.

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